Saturday, June 1, 2013

June - One Word prompt

It's June!

We are six months in and six months out of 2013 - smack dab in the middle.

This is the time for me when all of the movement I've made in the direction of my best self really tends to slow.  I tend to think I'm not close enough to my goal (however nebulous that is), I'm not moving fast enough - I don't do enough good things...  And, most powerfully, I hear some sort of a voice telling me that there isn't enough time because I'm too busy or I need to sleep.  (Sleeping is something I am really good at because I practice it regularly).

To address these not-so-encouraging voices it's time to find external messages and affirmations and capture those.

Here's what mine looks like from 2012 and the word emerge.  I think it's so helpful to look back at this and see how the word FREE (my 2013 word) was beginning to show up:

As you can see, I used phrases from songs to capture my word and I even made a CD with some of the music I was listening to last July.

I invite you to use scriptures, songs, quotes and even your personal internal dialogue to find phrases that affirm you and your direction in life.  

I will have a form for you to download in the next week or so.  In the meantime, grab a journal and start taking notes.  What speaks to your heart with love right now?  In this moment, what do you want to remember about where you are in your journey in June 2013?