Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pink Cookie Day

A friend just dropped off some heart shaped shortbread cookies with pink frosting.  She said, "yesterday was a pink cookie day and you were so good to listen to me so I made you some."

It is hard to be Mormon sometimes.  It's hard to deal with the peer pressure.  I love being Mormon.  I love the gospel, the scriptures, the social support and the good deeds that we do for each other.  I love my relationship with God.  I love the temple, General Conference,, did I mention the scriptures?  I am so blessed by the priesthood, my patriarchal blessing, my testimony... I love being Mormon.  I love the gospel.

I hate the judgment, criticism, perfectionism and gossip: that I have all the downsides of a small community even though I live in Los Angeles.  If we really follow Jesus Christ, perhaps we could stop with the comparison.  The down the nose looking... (I've prepared a list of those who need to pay attention to what I'm saying)

I can't tell the truth in my community.  It's just not appropriate.  But I can love.  I can love me and I can love you.  I can do my part to stop gossiping (it is fun for a few minutes).  I can do my part to stop the judgment. I can do my part to accept people as they are, and myself as I am.  And that's where I'll focus.  I get to be a good person.  And I get to practice being a good person, which isn't easy for me.

I get to have pink cookies in my heart and give them to those who support me...and to those who don't.