Friday, October 15, 2010

Boxers or Briefs?

Last Thursday, my birthday, was such a great day at school!  Here is my favorite story of the day:

Sometimes teachers release students from computer lab according to certain criteria, for example, "If your birthday is in February, you are released to go to lunch." or "If you rode your bike to school today, you may go to lunch."  On this particular day the teacher was having some fun and got a little caught up in the moment--she said, "If you have a ponytail, you may go to lunch," and then said, "If you're wearing boxers you may go to lunch."  Well, all of the girls in the room were stricken!  You would have loved the looks on their faces...some were positively aghast!  I was also feigning disgust and whining about TMI!  But it was hilarious!  What was interesting was that a dozen or so boys made a beeline for the door, but three remained behind.  The teacher realized that her criteria might have been just slightly across the line, so she said, "If you're a boy or a girl, you may go."  There was general chuckling as the students filed out.

One boy, a tender child who, when he was in second grade, once saw me crying and gave me a big hug.  And then in third grade said he would say a prayer for me (probably asking God to make me less of an ogre!), well, this boy comes up, puts his elbows on my desk, his chin on his palms, leans in and whispers, "I'm not even wearing underwear today."

What a birthday!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Best Birthday!

Clarke made me a cake.  It bears repeating: Clarke baked me a cake for my birthday.  This is new.  It is a first.  Normally I do the birthday cake baking...but not this time!  It was deeeelicious!

When I arrived at work on Thursday I received greeting after greeting from friends and students and parents.  How did they all know it was my birthday?  Well, my dear friend Carol (retired last year) went to school and hung a Happy Birthday banner, sprinkled very large Happy Birthday confetti all over my "porch", wrapped up the railing with some sparkly wire, and left her crown tied to my door knob.  With the crown was a note saying, " you may BORROW this for one day." 

Then the 6th graders sang Happy Birthday to me.  Then the 2nd graders.  Then the 4th see a pattern here, don't you?!  They are so good to me.

A friend bought a Porto's cake with magic sauce (official ingredient title) for me.  We had Chipotle for lunch (although they forgot 4 orders of chips...ack!).  And I got to meet with my therapist to report on how my parenting is improving (I got 2 gold stars--out of one--!!).  Then Todd and I went to the temple.  We had a fantastic chapel session where I learned a great deal.  And I also had many insights into the material presented in the ceremony.  It was such a lovely night.  (no, I wasn't thrilled about going to the temple at first)

I have to tell you a story about one of the 4th graders...but I'll have to come back to that tomorrow.

Let me also say that I decided to post a PayPal widget to help me raise funds to get an iPad (I thought I would be getting one yesterday...)  But, I DID get a GPS for my car!  Todd  is very good to me.  And we had a great dinner at Houston's to round out the day.

I must also tell you about the cards Clarke & Jason gave me.  More tomorrow.