Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's the food

Apparently I'm supposed to eat right to lose weight. Here are the frustrations:

1) eating out for dinner...order a salad and it's 1300 calories, minimum, what should I have instead? I only eat out once a week these days, shall I cut it out altogether? I guess I could...but then eating healthfully starts to feel like a punishment.
2) chocolate chips, macadamia nuts and the combination of both in an oatmeal cookie. Should I stop making these? (Uh, yes...duh)
3) 3:30pm. Sometimes this time is no biggie, sometimes this is the open the door and plough through time. How can I be more consistent here? (Write...I could write about how I'm feeling or use this time to update my blog...hmmm.)
4) hormones. can't live with 'em...
5) mystery and magic

I hope YOU are finding inspiration and strength. If you have some suggestions or insight, I'd love to hear them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had to buy a larger size of skinny jeans, but they are fitting as of today, without a muffin top. So color me fabulous!

The end of last year was one of those ebb times, and with the new year and a new bodybugg, courtesy of my husband's thoughtful Christmas gift giving, I am motivated and already down more than 5 lbs. I'm back at boot camp 5 mornings a week, plus at least one extra hour of cardio per week, and the food is looking very clean.

I must admit that I am an emotional eater! I knew it, you knew it, but now I am ready to shout it from the rooftops. At a meeting this weekend a woman said, "I'm powerless over my food AND my MOOD." How that resonates for me...this week I've had a deep funk of a mood (Pam assures me that Picasso's blue period should be my inspiration because it is still very popular) and my food has been good but not picture perfect. And for a black or white gal like me, not picture perfect is damnable. Might as well board the Titanic.

But I am learning new things including the notion that perfection is an ideal toward which I'll aim.

Getting tired of exercising in the rain, gotta be honest. But I love seeing my calorie burn after the workout, so it is totally worth it!